Gigstart Wants to Be A One Stop Solution For Event Organizers

If you want to book entertainers for your event, GigStart connects you with entertainers and party planners. And singers and photographers as well.

If you want to book entertainers for your event, try GigStart. It connects you with entertainers and party planners. And singers and photographers as well.

Artists, who are verified and reviewed by the GigStart team are available on their website to be booked for events. It is a free sign-up for customers and artists but 10% is charged for the artist if the event is booked.


How does the customer benefit?

Rather than wasting time meeting various performers to choose from, the customer can get detailed information that is verified from the website. There is an option to request quote from the entertainer. If you are happy with the rates, you pay 40% in advance to book.

If the artist doesnt turn up then the next best alternative can be availed. If you have opted for a GigStart cover, then the advance fee is refunded along with a 5 % penalty fee!

Home to various artists

There are various photographers, musicians and performers to choose from. Their rates vary from Rs.5000 to Rs.10 Lakhs. But the averages rates are from Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000.

Additional services like building an online digital portfolio and online reputation management is also done for the artist.


More than 600 artists have signed up in the last 3 months and the  average is 25-30 signing up everyday. Gigstart has conducted over 45 events till now including private,public and corporate.

Madhulika Pandey and Atit Jain, founders of GigStart, while working on their pet project titled ‘The Weekend Consultant’, came across queries related to venue and artist booking for private and public events. They themselves experimented various aspects in the event booking industry and realised that it was very unorganized. This led to the formation of GigStart.

The team plans to launch in other metros as well. It has many competitors as well. SayShaadi works on a similar model, but is exclusive for marriage and related events. Venueplan, helps you choose the right venue for the event. It is also a marketplace for event planners. TommyJams, yet another company, connects artists with venues.

NextBigWhat Review

We gave GigStart a spin. It’s got an easy interface and works for people looking for gigs. We found that prices for services are not listed upfront on the website and where it is listed the price range is quite wide (Rs 7,000- Rs 70,000?). That doesn’t help decision making. To be fair, it is common for artists and photographers to price according to the customer’s budget and the scale of a gig. So it’s practically impossible to price services upfront. However, without accurate pricing information and more transparency, such services become a little less compelling. It is still useful. Of course it could also be a great lead generation platform for artists.

The site could also use better search and filters. A rating & review system based on customer experience would have also been nice to have.

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