GINSchools – Bringing Educational and Informative Resources for Parents

ginschoolsGINSchools is a Delhi based startup that aims to be the resource site for school going kid’s parents.

Unlike the other services which are trying to e-enable schools and provide services to parents (like monitoring child’s performance etc), GINSchools is taking a different route – i.e. go solo and be the most useful resource for parents.

GINSchools (which stands for “Good Internet”) has collection of study material (in printable worksheet format), interactive features like Skool TV, Notebooks etc. and is also trying to be the platform for parents to carry education-related discussion.

Essentially, Ginscools is trying to create a network of parents who can share resources with each other.

As far as the product is concerned, it’s in a very early stage and has to cover a long way before it really becomes relevant. The content, so far has been very static and one way to drive adoption could be by partnering with schools (I don’t think any player can avoid that).


Infact, the smartest way to increase adoption is to focus on one mid-sized school, get all the parents hooked in and then take the story to biggies. The crazy thing about education sector is that nobody gives a damn to new ideas/services, but everybody (especially the big schools/colleges) want to be “in-vogue” and copy the best practices (and subsequently justify the fee hike!).

Talking about the product features, I think the overall UI is okay, but just not interactive and interesting enough for one to sign up (and try out the service). Also, I don’t know why startups prefer to get sponsors (with such a big logo) in their early days – when they should instead focus on user acquisition and putting forward the best feature(s).

Give the site a dekho and please share your comments.
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