This Study on Girl Safety in India is a reminder that we need to redesign public places

Across urban (47%) and rural (40%) areas, young girls reported feeling more susceptible to molestation or abuse while using public transport, said the report, Wings 2018: World Of India’s Girls, released by Save The Children in India, an international non-governmental organisation. This finding was particularly true for girls from higher income groups (53%), belonging to the other backward classes (OBC) and general castes (45%), according to the study (via).
Girls from medium and small towns (51%) reported feeling more unsafe than those in large cities (44%), small villages (42%) and large villages (39%).
The study was conducted in six states of India. It proves, beyond any doubt, that girls are unable to achieve their full potential because they or their families are fearful of public spaces. The first step for us as a society would be to design and ensure that our public spaces are safe, towards opening the door of a future filled with opportunities for girls. There is a crying need to make our cities and villages, workplaces, markets, and public spaces safer for them to thrive

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