Girls Beware While Orkutting

You might be leaving footprints for abusers

Estranged lovers might use your pictures, create ghost profiles, add details which makes the profile look as if its original, and then post obscene pictures/scraps on the profile.

In a shocking case, a girl’s estranged boyfriend used her pictures,create her profile and posted obscene comments/pictures of her. Although the victim was caught and let go (with a mild warning), but has left a big scar on girl’s life.
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These cases are a signal of how social networking sites can become a nightmare (if you delve out too much about yourself).

Surprisingly, these harassers were not strangers, but friends and orkut was just another means for the abuse.

So whats the way out? Few suggestions:

  • Stop using sites which don’t have permission levels (i.e. your profile can be viewed by your contacts/or anybody in the world)
  • Make sure that your e-profile isn’t a complete snapshot of yours (i.e. cannot be tracked down to your college/home address/phone number etc.)
  • If you wish to share your pictures with friends, use photo sharing sites like Flickr (where you can set the access levels to private/public view etc.)
  • Last but not the least – there are frustrated people out there and you can’t control their behavior. So, before adding somebody as a friend, make sure that you know the person.

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