gitGrow brings Google analytics interpretation and recommendation engine to SAAS companies

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gitGrow brings Google analytics interpretation and recommendation engine to SAAS companies

One of the most recently founded startups, gitGrow offers simple and easy web analytics interpretation and recommendation engine for SaaS companies offering them metrics and insights that matter.
With more and more companies realizing the potential of the data mine they have, analytics and metrics seems the most obvious way for the company to go. It here that gitGrow comes into the picture. With integration with Google Analytics, gitGrow’s technology pulls metrics and provides companies with a dashboard to view the most important indicators for them.gitgrow

With a key focus on small and medium size Saas companies in India and US, gitGrow’s goes ahead to offer more than pure numbers and statistics. Its automation technology takes into account a set of parameters and constraints depending upon the Saas company under focus. When the evaluation of the metrics is taking place and in case a set of particular conditions are met, a trigger is initiated which provides recommendations for the company (which one can easily add to Google Task/Calendar).

Apart from these, gitGrow offers features like benchmarks categorized by industry and segment along with a number of metrics for tracking it. All this assessment goes into providing a quick view in the customer acquisition funnel, the channels through which they arrive to the company’s website along with the user engagement reports. Interpreted analysis looks at the correlation of multiple metrics to determine future trends and patterns for the company.

The pricing is currently divided into three steps, the basic analytics and interpretation costs $49/month, which has been waived off during the beta phase. The next is the adding of the personalized recommendations, which cost $499/month and the last is customized benchmarks which compares the companies with its peers in the industry, for that the pricing will be $799/month.
Along with this comes the usual host of feature like the flexibility to upgrade/downgrade anytime, support via web and email. In case of the recommendations and the benchmarks plans additional phone support and help by gitGrow for setting up company’s Google Analytics is also provided.

Currently operating in closed beta, the company plans to launch full featured API and the ability to integrate with other analytics tools like MixPanel and Kissmetrics and provide a whole lot of other features.

In short, if you are looking for ‘call-to-action’ and relevant metrics to grow your SAAS business, do give gitGrow a spin.

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