And Now, DoT Asks ISPs To Block Github, Pastebin And 30 Other Sites

The Department of Telecom has sent a circular to ISPs asking them to block 32 sites which includes github, pastebin,, vimeo, dailymotion and others.

The Ban Government!
The Ban Government!

While this isn’t anything new (DoT keeps coming up with a list of sites that do not warrant blocking, but get blocked), we certainly hope that the orders could be meant for blocking specific URLs and NOT the entire site.
Update : Apparently, the sites were blocked because of anti-India content they were carrying. The government needs to get some lessons on the difference between a URL/webpage and a site.

And The Irony?
This is what Narendra Modi tweeted way back in 2012 🙂

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of shit for one directive. Daily motion had been blocked since a month or so for me (I’m on Tata Docomo, Pune). Also like another poster said, GitHub is massive. We’re living Ina massively fucked up state.

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