Give your Windows machine the Mac look and feel

So you wanna enjoy the benefit of Windows XP OS as well as the sexiness of Mac?

Try out FlyaKiteOSX – It’s a transformation tool [free download] that changes the look of an ordinary Windows XP+ system to resemble the look of Mac OS X.
In short, FlyaKiteOSX marries the sexy Mac controls with your regular Windows feature.

And whenever you want to switch back to Win [tell me why do you want to?], all you gotta do is to uninstall the program and there you are – back from Apple to Oranges!! 🙂

I wonder why Apple doesn’t promote a product like FlyaKiteOSX?
Most importantly, it will help people to switch from Windows to Mac.

Infact, I want to switch from Windows to Mac – but the reason why I am not able to do is that I am used to Windows [and too scared to ditch Windows and switch to Apple, all in one shot!!].
If I get a hang of Mac in my Windows machine itself, switching to Mac will be just a matter of time!

Thanks Tamal for the tip. He uses FlyaKiteOSX and his only concern is the increased boot time. Otherwise, he is mac-ishly happy!

So go ahead guys – sex up your ‘Windows’ boxes and open the flood ‘Gates’ for Mac!!

By the way, have you ever thought of switching from Win to Mac? If yes, what’s stopping you?

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