Giveter is a gifting recommendation service that finds relevant gifts based on recipient’s age, relationship to gifter and occasion.

When we profiled Giveter, we wondered whether a plain vanilla standard step-by-step questions is the best experience or whether understanding a user from their Facebook activity and recommending gifts is the wow experience. The team has now launched a new feature that mixes gifting recommendation with a recipient’s likes on Facebook.

Giveter's Personalized Recommendation

That is, a nicely done personalization layer to the already existing curated recommendations.

For example, if your friend has liked Arsenal club on Facebook, one of the recommended gifts would be an Arsenal Cushion from Fabfurnish. For a male who has liked Gangs of Wasseypur, a DVD set of Gangs of Wasseypur from Flipkart is suggested, for a female a “Womaniya” Tshirt may be suggested.

For now, Giveter is using Likes data to recommend gifts, but future plans include mining user activity as well.

This also brings a meta (socia) play that sits on top of existing ecommerce stores, who have confused social commerce to be a tab on Facebook and didn’t really integrate with user’s actual behavior on Facebook.

Do give Giveter’s social feature a spin and share your comments.


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