Zomato Ex-CTO launches Giveter, a recommendation service for online gifting

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Zomato Ex-CTO launches Giveter, a recommendation service for online gifting

Finding appropriate gifts is a huge task (especially if you are a guy) and Giveter, a new service launched by Zomato Ex-CTO, Avinash is attempting to solve this.

Giveter finds relevant gifts based on recipient’s age, relationship to gifter and occasion. Giveter, also helps finding gifts based on recipient’s personality and gifter’s mood. Giveter has tied up with variuos online website/brands/physical stores with expertise in different product verticals. giveter

The company has an in-house gifting aggregation team which cherry picks unique giftable products (has a total of 2500 gifting option in different categories). Once user finalizes a gift, he/she will be redirected to partner site, for payments.

Giveter has also launched Zip-Gift concept. With e-addresses becoming more real than physical addresses, people will be able to send, receive and share gifts on Facebook. The company is currently doing a pilot with free home delivery of a photograph and a friendship band on the occasion of Friendship day (5th Aug).  The company will soon make this feature available for all the products and other platforms such as emails (for private gifting).

Founding team includes Avinash (IIT D/ex-CTO @Zomato) and Mayank Bhangadia (IIT D, earlier with Schlumberger Business Consulting).

Giveter is a great example of product curation and helping users with a pain point, which no other gifting service provides. Most of the online gifting services tend to assume that you know what you want to buy and as we all know, we Indians aren’t the ones who believe in ‘self-service’ (read: Why Indians do not buy online?).

Having said that, the key question for the team is discovery of products and mixing it with a relationship and gifting intent. That is, instead of asking these questions (as drop downs), the team should just integrate with Facebook and start showing gifts for your closed ones (the serendipity moment, when the service should just throw what you were looking for).

Give Giveter a spin and share your feedback with the team.

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