GlamMedia acquires AdaptiveAds

Glam Media, a vertical content network has acquired AdaptiveAds, Mumbai based startup that serves display ad targeting and optimization to brand advertisers.

AdaptiveAds brings audience targeting, ad optimization and brand engagement tracking to Glam Media’s brand ad platform.

AdaptiveAds also has a self-service ad platform that enables Advertisers to target ads based on different parameters (e.g. geography, weather conditions, day parting, day of week, and page context).

AdaptiveAds’ self-service ad technology will become the platform for GlamAds, self-serve brand advertising system focused on premium display. The display ads direct self-serve system, offering both vertical targeting and scale, will let agencies quickly create and place custom media ad buys across any verticals in the Glam Media network. A version of GlamAds will also provide the same service directly to small and medium-sized businesses, bringing purchasing power and pricing transparency never before seen in the premium online display ad ecosystem.  Publishers in the network will be able to manage their primetime ads, advertorials, sponsorships and widget ads, and use GlamAds to manage non-primetime inventory.

AdapativeAds secured $3.5 million in two rounds over the past three years from DFJ and angel investors.

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