Global groundbreaking software from India?Well..

While India Inc boasts of groundbreaking services capabilities, fact of the matter remains that we haven’t yet built global IT products.

To a certain extent, iFlex/Tally have made a significant impact, but India scores a big zerO when it comes to B2C products.

There are hugely successful India specific products [ etc]; but then, these are not really global products. Infact, leaving Zoho aside, there is hardly any Indian product which has successfully made a dent in www.

Ankur [CTO, CellNext] summarizes the whole Indian experience [courtesy LinkedIn].

A groundbreaking product results not just from scientists/engineers — it emerges from the environment and mindset. The environment in US (for example) makes it quite ‘normal’ and routine for companies to innovate and come up with breakthroughs. There are already support systems and practices in place — eager financers, entrepreneurs, marketers, customers always wanting more… They have been inventing for more than 200 years now and see it very natural to solve problems using new ideas and technologies.

On the other hand, Indians learn technologies to get jobs. Instinctively, they don’t want to solve any problems using new ideas and rock the boat. They would rather live with status quo and quickly become tolerant (worse, ignorant) of small inconveniences. Our approach to technology is bookish — we learn things to get degrees and jobs, not out of real interest and curiosity. There are so many, e.g., who have high degrees in say, economics, psychology, engineering, etc but have least interest in these subjects.

Isn’t this an irony that Indians file more patents than China/Taiwan combined; but when it comes to innovation from India- we take a backseat?
I am aware of big product companies’ shop in India and surprised to see that most of these companies work on service/consulting mode [i.e. treat US counterparts as customers, instead of buddies!!], and have this *service* mentality very deeply embedded. Outcome of British slavery?

To cut the long story short, People with bended back cannot rule the world. Indian companies are way too risk averse and way too deep in services.

Maybe it’s time we become mavericks, and not powerpoint managers?
Maybe it’s time we talk about ‘Next Practice‘ and not ‘Best Practice’?
Maybe it’s time we start creating scientists/real engineers and not just $-hungry-IT professionals?
Maybe it’s time leaders get their hands dirty [and stop talking yada yada]?
Maybe it’s time we shake Indians out of their *comfortable zone* ?
Maybe it’s time we stop talking about job security?
Maybe it’s time we teach our kids to ‘leap frog‘ and not ‘baby steps’?
Maybe it’s time we shout “Where the mind is without fear! And the head is held high! Really high!”


What do you people think?
PS: I don’t mean to undermine Infys/Wipros of the world. They are okay, but…India is more than that. Atleast I believe so.

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