India Slips In Global Innovation Ranking to 66; Doing Business is Tough, ICT Infrastructure is Poor

Business and innovation climate in India shows little improvement over previous years. A new global index, which analysed 142 economies around the world, has ranked India at number 66, way behind developed countries such as Switzerland and ahead of its peers in Central Asia.

India’s ranking on the Global Innovation Index slipped marginally from 64 last year to 66 this year.

Global Innovation Index 2013: Top 10 Countries
Global Innovation Index 2013: Top 10 Countries

Among the BRIC nations, India came last, said the Global Innovation Index 2013. The index, published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, ranked Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands and the United States of America among the top five countries (in that order) on the index.

From the GII report

Research and development spending levels are surpassing 2008 levels in most countries and successful local hubs are thriving. A group of dynamic middle- and low-income countries – including China, Costa Rica, India, and Senegal – are outpacing their peers, but haven’t broken into the top of the GII 2013 leader board.

The report relied on 84 indicators including the quality of top universities, availability of micro finance, venture capital deals and governance among other things to rank the countries.

Global Innovation Index 2013: Top Countries by Region
Global Innovation Index 2013: Top Countries by Region

According to the report, India is ranked 128 out of 142 when it comes to ease of doing business. It is behind Pakistan (92) and Nepal (86).  India also fared poorly when it comes to ease of paying taxes. It was ranked at 118, behind China (98) and Russia(53).

In Research and Development, India was at number 30 close to China (24), Russia (31) and Brazil (33).

When it comes to Online Creativity which was measured using parameters such as number of generic top level domains, monthly Wikipedia edits and video uploads on YouTube, India was ranked at 105. That’s behind Sri Lanka but marginally ahead of Pakistan (107).

ICT GII 2013
ICT Infrastructure

The use and access of ICT in India also ranked poorly at 96, near to  countries such as Bolivia and Ethiopia.

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