Market Witnesses Sharpest PC Sales Decline In Nearly Two Years

Worldwide PC sales fell by 9.5% and 11.8% in the second quarter of 2015 according to research firms Gartner and IDC respectively, marking the sharpest decline in nearly two years.


The difference in sales estimates is attributed to the fact that IDC does not include tablets in its tally of global PC sales.

According to Gartner 68.4 million PCs were shipped during Q2 2015 while IDC pegs the number to be 66.1 million devices. Both firms released their reports on Wednesday.

Lenovo continued to lead the PC market with a 20.3% market share, followed by HP (18.5%) and Dell (14.55%) according to IDC. All three leaders gained market share in Q2 2015 which points that sales of smaller vendors was being hit.

While the overall PC market is shrinking, the massive slump in sales during Q2 2015 can be attributed to customers postponing purchases in wait for Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS. Sales of PCs are expected to grow by the end of the month once Windows 10 is launched.

Users are accessing popular services such as Facebook and YouTube increasingly from mobile devices as developers make a mobile push. Further, as tablets and smartphones begin to do more, a customer is less inclined to upgrade their PC resulting in slower upgrade cycles.

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