Data: 5.3mn Smartwatches Were Sold During Q2; 75% Were Made By Apple

Smartwatch sales grew by 457% y-o-y during Q2 2015. Apple Watch sales clocked in at 4 million units earning the company a market share of 75%. Overall smartwatch sales in Q2 2015 was higher than the whole of 2014. Samsung managed to sell just 0.4 million smartwatches, helping it capture a market share of just 8%.

The global smartwatch market grew to 5.3 million units during the second quarter of 2015 marking a 457% increase in shipments from 1 million units during the same period last year.

Apple was quick to gain the lead and dominated the smartwatch market with a 75% share during Q2 2015. Sales of the Apple Watch clocked in at 4 million units.

According to Strategy Analytics, smartwatch sales in Q2 2015 were higher than the whole of last year, with 4.6 million devices being shipped through 2014.

Apple’s chief rival Samsung, despite having multiple smartwatch models on the market managed to ship just 0.4 million units during Q2 2015, capturing a market share of just 8%.

While Apple did not release sales or revenue figures it earned from the Apple Watch during its most recent earnings call, analysts peg revenues at around $1 billion.

The company did say that the Apple Watch beat iPhone and iPad sales in the initial 9 weeks of going on sale, proving that it was a success, but not really putting a number on it.

Global Smartwatch Sales

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