Global Urban Competitiveness Index : No Indian City in Top 20?

International team of researchers have released a Global Urban Competitiveness Report, which takes stock of 500 cities around the world – in terms of their competitive ranking.

New York tops the list, followed by London, Tokyo, Paris and Washington DC.

The report measures the comprehensive competitiveness of 500 cities around the world in terms of 9 indexes, namely GDP, per capita GDP, per unit area GDP, labor productivity, number of multi-national enterprises settled in the city, number of patent applications, price advantage, economic growth rate and employment rate.

Parameters/Indexes to judge competitiveness:

  • Enterprise competitiveness
  • Industrial structure
  • Competitiveness of human resource
  • “Hard” business environment
  • “Soft” business environment
  • Living environment
  • Global connection

Except Industrial structure parameter, NO Indian city shows up in the top 20 list (Mumbai is #15 in Industrial structure parameter).

Few more facts:

  • The top ten cities with the fastest economy growth are mainly from China.
  • Regions that perform best in terms of urban competitiveness and technological competitiveness are North America and Europe
  • GDP of the 10 largest cities accounts for 27% of the total of all 500 cities.
  • The gap between the good performers and poor performers is widening.

While one can easily rub off such reports, reality is that we need more IP and ‘product stories’.

What’s your opinion?

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