Gmail’s Drag-and-drop Feature – May Labels R.I.P

The internet is awash with the awesomeness surrounding gMail‘s latest update to their labeling tool-kit; the drag-and-drop feature. If one is not already aware, then we can now drag and drop conversations/emails into our labels.

darg-and-drop conversations into labels
drag-and-drop conversations into labels

And by doing so, we thus lay to rest the real awesomeness of using labels. May it’s soul rest in peace!

Ever since the days that I first started using an e-mail service, I had always struggled to tag an email into a single and appropriate category/folder. It led me to be always confused in which I had placed the specific email in (Did I put it in the folder named Important? Or was it the folder Jobs?). Partly, the reason that gMail made me stick to it, was the way I could tag/label an email into one-or-more categories. It lent so much value-addition to the end user (me).

If one has gMail’s keyboard shortcuts turned on, then one can easily tag an email with multiple labels, or even move to a specific folder (if the idea of using a label still doesn’t appeal).

labels menu
labels menu
keyboard shortcuts to labels
keyboard shortcuts to Gmail labels

What are your views? Do you use labels as labels? Or as folders?

What do you think?

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