Gmail Lab is the hub of incremental innovation and the newly launched module (rather, the improved version) of  Google search box makes Gmail a lot more productive and collaborative tool.

Once you enable the module, you can search Google from your Gmail – the real fun begins once you fire a query.

Gmail will open a new window (overlay) displaying the search result. Hover on any of the result and the dropdown will enable you to share the search result/URLs within the mail itself.


Typical use case that this feature targets is when you need to send search result(s) to your friends and rely on copy/pasting from web search – essentially this small window makes life easier and simpler (i.e. improves productive).

These are collaborative features/incremental innovation which makes Gmail a far more productive email client than other plain jane webmail products.

What’s your take? What are your favorite Lab products?

Tell me a reason why would you move to any other email client?

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