GMail – Lawyer’s Delight while Google fights?

While Gmail may not have a stand alone monetization model of it’s own, looks like lawyers are having a great time minting the product.

Ever since the product was launched, expansion across geographies has been an issue for Google.

The GMail trademark was challenged in UK and Google finally lost to a UK-based financial research company called Independent International Investment Research (IIIR).
And to Google’s nightmare, IIIR has filed a petition challenging Gmail trademark in US too!!

“They must have given absolutely no thought at all to their product.” ..IIIR launched their GMail product in the US in 2002. The “G” stood for “Graphiti,” a combination of “graphics with integrated text intelligence.” A subscription service offered through the their website, it was intended to allow stock brokers to incorporate IIIR’s equity and currency data for investment banks.”

Now that Google has lost Gmail domain in UK [Gmail = Googlemail in UK], it’s still fighting in Germany [to a local business guy, who refused $250,000 for the domain and instead, decided to go ahead with the lawsuit]

“”Knowing Google is very powerful, I liked it at the time; I Googled myself everyday. I said, ‘you know what? I want to call these guys,'” Giersch said in a telephone interview. “I did my MBA, and I know what a big company is looking for, and that is international growth. I knew sooner or later they would go to Germany.”

Funny that Google’s love for lawsuit doesn’t end here. They filed one against Polish Poets for using domain name [the poets were part of a group called Grupa Mlodych Artystow i Literatow, i.e. Gmail!].

Goog – How about paying some attention to product development and find ways to kill ever expanding Google Bureaucracy, instead of focusing too much on vague stuff?

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