Treetins Wants to Make Strangers Social: Go Anon & Start Bumping into People

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Treetins Wants to Make Strangers Social: Go Anon & Start Bumping into People

There is something intriguing about bumping into a stranger. For all you know, the stranger could make an amazing conversationalist or a great friend. Treetins, a newly launched social network wants to make it easier for strangers to meet and get to know each other. It’s not a dating site or anything. Just a very interesting mashup of Tumblr & Chatroulette that lets you meet interesting people.

The social network was launched in August 2013 with the idea of making strangers social.

Anybody who joins Treetins starts anonymously; their identity is revealed only if their thoughts on a topic are on the same wavelength with the stranger in conversation. “This makes the whole experience less creepy and you never know who you could bump into,” Chandy Thomas, one of the co-founders of the company tells me. On Treetins, you can sign up using Facebook, Twitter or you e-mail address.

Treetins Online

There are mainly two things you could do on Treetins. You could share interesting things, like a blogpost, a verse, photographs or a video for others to see. Or you could browse through what others have posted by clicking on “bump into someone.” If you find things that interest you, you could anonymously converse with the person by sending a message. If the other person sees what you’ve posted and accepts your message, you two will now have a common page to converse on anything you like.

We feel that its an interesting concept with a lot of potential to go viral. However, the usability could do with some tweaking. For instance, the “bump into button,” keeps moving up and down as the length of each post changes. There could also be challenges with Bots & junk accounts. On Chatroulette, for instance, you could bump into strangers with a video cam. With way too many people flashing on the other side of the camera, most of the good people left the service.Treetins Offline

The company is also creating offline opportunities for strangers to connect. For instance, during a pilot project, the team did a photography project where strangers on the street pose for a photo like they know each other.

If you are looking to meet someone new, give Treetins a spin!

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