GoDaddy plans to stop registering CN Domains [America vs China]

American companies are being bitten by CN fever and it seems Google’s decision to leave China has started a new trend.
Today, GoDaddy has announced that it plans to stop registering Chinese domain names, i.e. .cn domain names [though will continue to support existing customers].

“We believe that many of the current abuses of the Internet originating in China are due to a lack of enforcement against criminal activities by the Chinese government.
Our experience has been that China is focused on using the Internet to monitor and control the legitimate activities of its citizens, rather than penalizing those who commit Internet-related crimes” – GoDaddy [via: Reuters].

So, like we said earlier [read: Of Google’s China Approach and BATNA – [Negotiation Skills @Work], its America vs. China now. Its not about Google vs. Chinese government anymore.

Even though Google’s top competitor in China, Baidu witnessed a surge in share price, it would be interesting to watch if Chinese netizens can afford to remain isolated and be happy with ‘Made in China/rather, Not-Made-in-US’ product.

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