Google’s ‘Equity-free’ Accelerator Program For Mobile Startups To Debut In India, Brazil & Indonesia

Google’s ‘Launchpad Accelerator’ will provide mentorship for mobile startups in India, Brazil and Indonesia, along with training, support, and up to $50,000 in equity-free funding. According to Roy Glasberg, Google’s Global lead for its Launchpad programs, the accelerator was created from Google’s existing Launchpad project for startups which debuted globally more than two years ago.

Google has planned two different ways to create an impact in the startup ecosystem and scale its reach further; One way is by expanding its online presence with training tools like Google’s Udacity nanodegrees, as well as launching projects like Launchpad Days and Summits. Google has held these programs in more than 30 countries. With the new Launchpad Accelerator, Google aims to offer a “high-impact mentoring relationship” to some startups. The plan is to mentor and add about 50 startups into their accelerator program every year, reports Techcrunchgoogle-launchpad

“Google is specifically looking for startups that can have a high impact on their local markets. The end goal of this program is to identify game changers in the market and be the game changer for them,” said Glasberg.

The company decided on providing an ‘equity-free approach’ to keep thoughts about ROI and equity out of bay.

Google will fly the hand-picked startups to Mountain View for a two-week bootcamp where they will meet mentors from both inside and outside Google. Then the startup team will undergo mentorship and training for the next five-and-a-half months under the program in their home countries. Once the startup team gets home, they will get space to work and access both Google’s local and international network of mentors, as well as credits to use Google’s developer platforms.


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