Google Acquires AdMob

Another Silicon Valley story! Google has announced acquisition of AdMob, mobile ad network for $750mn.

Interesting connections, since AdMob’s popularity(and significant impression numbers) comes from it’s iPhone partnership and Google’s Android is ofcourse an iPhone rival.

AdMob CEO sent the following letter –

Today we announced that AdMob has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Google for $750 million. We are extremely excited about this new partnership and what it means for our advertiser, developer and publisher partners.

AdMob’s people, products and tools will continue to work to deliver successful campaigns for you and to effectively monetize your mobile traffic – no interruptions. Our product and engineering teams will keep building great products for our customers. Our sales team will keep working with our thousands of advertisers to deliver successful campaigns. Our business development team will keep working to maximize ad revenue for the more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications that make up AdMob’s publisher network.

After our deal closes, AdMob will work with Google to accelerate the pace of innovation in mobile and do an even better job for you. We believe this deal will benefit our advertisers, developers and publishers by:

*Increasing our investment in building innovative and engaging ad units across platforms and to further improve targeting and tracking.

*Building even more powerful relevance and optimization capabilities, and more powerful technology and tools to monetize mobile traffic.

*Increasing the effectiveness of display advertising on mobile devices by leveraging Google sales team, infrastructure and relationships.

*Improving the already high level of service and support we deliver to our advertisers, developers and publishers.

Google has been fairly good at monetizing search ads, but not in-application ads and that’s where AdMob+Android juice will kick in.


This gives a big boost to InMobi, India based mobile ad network – since neither Google, nor AdMob are currently very active in the regions they operate in (i.e. South Africa and other emerging markets).

What’s your opinion?

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