Google acquires Korean Blog Platform, TNC

Quite a different sort of acquisition by Google (especially outside US) – Google has acquired Korean blog platform, TNC (english), which runs a blog service called Textcube.

TNC is a blog platform that’s used by Korean A-bloggers and the startup also was heavily involved with the open source community- so guess it’s more of a community acquisition.

Google (for that matter, every big player) is facing hurdles in most of the Asian/emerging economies and the easiest way out (rather ‘in’) is to acquire a community player which can help them expand their footprints.

..our company was a fairly good acquisition target for Google. First, we had a killer product: Our previous work, Tistory blog service (now property of Daum as we sold the service to the Korea’s #2 portal), made to the top 10 Korean web destination in less than a year from launch, showing some 30,000% growth over the initial 8 months. While other blog services seem to be exploring the idea of integrating social networks with blogs only lately, our new blog service Textcube (link in Korean) had already implemented the feature much earlier. Secondly, we have great engineering talents. – Chang

Is there an Indian player you think could be a good target for Google?

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