Google adds support for 9 International languages in Web Fonts API, including Tamil, Bengali and Hindi

Google has launched support for different languages in its web font API and currently there are 9 different languages supported in the Web Font API- Arabic, Lao, Ethiopic, Tamil, Thai, Bengali, Hindi, Korean, and Burmese [via]

For developers, this is a huge enhancement in the regional language support system as integrating different languages was very difficult over the web with third party JavaScripts hacks and to add to that, providing support for different browsers and OS combinations.

GoogleWebFonts Localized

For early adopters, Google has also started a support forum – “Google Web Fonts Early Access Discussions” for the new multilingual web font to discuss what improvements can be made to have better developer and user experience.

Also, Google has included 3 Indian languages in it’s beta testing – i.e. Tamil, Bengali and Hindi as part of International language coverage.