Google Could Boost Targeted Ads By Using Customer Email Addresses

Google is in an all-out war with Facebook for advertising dollars, and the company is apparently looking at using email addresses to better track users for ad targeting.
According to a WSJ report, the company has suggested that advertisers hand over information such as customer email addresses, which it would then use to target ads.
Facebook already has a similar ad service called ‘custom audiences’ which helped the company grow its ad revenue by 65% to 11.5 billion dollars in 2014.
With Google’s ad revenue growth slowing in comparison (17% in 2014), the company is now looking at getting back in the game with increasingly sophisticated ways of targeting ads.
The move will undoubtedly raise questions among privacy advocates over the information Internet companies like Google and Facebook use to track users online.
While the technicalities of how Google will use email addresses to target ads to consumers isn’t known, the company could use its Gmail and other services linked to the account to its advantage.
Further, retailers could also tailor ads based on a information such as a consumer’s age, gender or prior purchases which Google might provide.

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