The Google Adsense Mafia – Get Your Adsense Accounts Approved For $10

A recent tweet reminded me of my college days when i was new with Adsense and was having a tough time getting an account approved. Multiple attempts and still couldn’t get through. I was told by a friend that he could get the account cleared for Rs.1K through somebody he knew.

I tried to find more over the web about this but nothing substantial came out. He finally told me that there are certain “agencies” who give Adsense approved account for Rs.500-600. The account mostly lasts for 6-9months until it gets blocked due to some quality/spam audits. The Rs.1K account is for specifically getting your application approved through internal connections with Google employees. How it really happens? We will leave that for the big G to figure out.

The adsense approval mafia is still alive and all the more active. I did a search last night and it seems the approval market is seeing some good competition and the rates have fallen down by a good 30%. Adsense approved accounts are available for as low as Rs.399 ($8.86) with a 24Hr turn-around time guarantee.

Till date i have got about 4-5 accounts approved (not the black hat way) but the times that it got dis-approved completely reveals the low quality of quality check at Google. For 1 particular instance i changed copy for the “About Us” section for a dis-approved account and re-applied; to my delight it got approved. The content on the site was the same.

Talks of technology being able to stop corruption might need a re-consideration. If the big G can’t stop it how can we expect this not to happen in govt. controlled organisations like Indian Railways or passport applications. Don’t forget almost the whole web is a franchisee of Google.

What do you think is happening with Google lately? When was last good thing you heard about Google?

Credits – Post trigger and snapshot Annkur. Pricing info Umang.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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