Google: Android Malware Installs Cut by 50% In 2014

Google has been stepping up its fight against malware, and according to its Android Security Review Report, the rate of harmful software installs fell by over 50% in 2014.
According to the report, only 1% of Android devices globally had harmful applications installed on them in 2014, and for devices installed with apps only from the Play Store, that number fell to 0.15%.
The 44 page report outlines everything from ransomeware to SMS abuse, with Google using the report to put out as much details about Android security as possible.
Just last week the company announced that it took down nearly 200 harmful Chrome extensions, which affected nearly 14 million users.
Google’s biggest hinderance with keeping Android safe is fragmentation at the OS level. While the company makes security updates available for OEMs, older devices hardly get updated, which leaves them vulnerable and has prompted Google to rethink its security strategy.
[via: The Verge]

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