Google Close To Getting Android Wear Smartwatches To Work With The iPhone

Google is apparently working on a way to get its Android Wear smartwatch platform work with Apple’s iPhone, and is close to finishing the final technical details.
The move will allow Android Wear smartwatches (which are currently locked to Android devices) to go head to head with the soon to be launched Apple Watch.
According to The Verge, Android Wear will work on the iPhone through a companion app that supports basic functions such as delivering notifications.
Google will apparently stick to its Google Now styled cards for Android Wear on the iPhone, and will support voice search, info cards and voice actions.
Apart from that however, there isn’t any information available at the moment. It isn’t clear how Apple may react to allowing Google to build support for Android Wear for the iPhone.
Pebble, currently makes smartwatches that support Google and Apple’s smartphone platforms, and Google may trying to be do the same now.
[via: TheVerge]

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