Newsreel [Oct 27] Google’s app engine is now back up & Nexus 10 leaks

Citigroup Pays Fine and Fires Star Technology Analyst. Google’s app engine which faced an outage is now back up. Nexus 10 Tablet Seen Running Android 4.2. Stocktwits has opened its API for financial data dominance and more news from around the world.

– Citigroup Pays Fine and Fires Star Technology Analyst: Mark S. Mahaney has been a stock-picking star among a wave of new technology companies, a number-cruncher with Silicon Valley flair. But his career took a bizarre turn on Friday, as he was swept into a regulatory investigation of Wall Street that stems from Facebook’s messy stock debut. Citigroup fired Mr. Mahaney early Friday morning, after regulators discovered that he answered a reporter’s e-mail without the bank’s blessing. When confronted by the bank about the brief exchange, which was unrelated to Facebook, he covered up his mistake. Read the full story here.– Google’s app engine which faced an outage is now back up, the company has said in a statement. A Google spokesperson said an “event” occurred this morning,  which caused the load balancing issue.  They are still looking into the root cause. They plan to post an incidence report, reports TechCrunch. Earlier in the day, at about 7.30 am Pacific Time, Google began facing trouble. Dropbox and Tumblr also reported outages, said the report. Read more here.

Nexus 10 Tablet Seen Running Android 4.2id 4.2: More details have surfaced regarding Google’s Nexus 10 tablet.The bigger brother to the Nexus 7, released earlier this year, the Nexus 10 Is expected to be announced on Monday at a Google event in New York City. According to Brief Mobile, which published shots of the tablet Friday, the Nexus 10 will has a Samsung-built Exynos 5250 processor (the same processor being used in Google’s new Chromebook), 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of built-in storage. Read more here. Apparent pictures and specs of Samsung Nexus 10 tablet leak: read here.

How to Get Windows 8 Now: Microsoft officially launched its Windows 8 operating system Friday, but you will only find the software on brand new computer systems. The good news, however, is that you can now upgrade existing systems to Windows 8 Pro via digital download or through various retailers. Read more here.

– Apple’s results have shrunken the iPad mini’s relevance to size. Hawking nearly 27 million iPhones last quarter dwarfs all the hoopla earlier this week surrounding the launch of the tinier tablet, which may sell about the same amount in a year. Moreover, iPad profit margins don’t compare – and the mini’s will be smaller still. The phone still energizes the Apple ecosystem, writes Robert Cyran for Read more.

– In the last few years, dozens of incubator programs catering to tech startups have popped up. Their typical business model is to take equity in the young companies they nurture in the hopes of breeding some superstars that yield big returns. Mark Milian writes about What Entrepreneurs Should Look for in Tech Startup Incubators for Bloomberg. Read more.

Brazil’s Google News Boycott Reportedly Only Drops Traffic 5%. “The fact is, Google News is absolutely irrelevant in Brazil,” said Carlos Müller, communications advisor for National Association of Newspapers in Brazil (AJN), after a widespread boycott of Google’s popular news aggregator. Read here.

Product announcements are all about showmanship: Product announcements tend to follow a familiar pattern. The presenting company, whether it’s Apple, Google, or Microsoft, opens with a quick, by-the-numbers overlook of how it’s doing, follows with a few product announcements, and then leaves so the tech press can get their hands on the shiny new product waiting in the other room. These presentations are the artistic equivalent of a paint-by-numbers. That’s starting to change, however. Nathaniel Mott writes.

Stocktwits has opened its API for financial data dominance: There are two social networks for finance professionals. One is inside a Bloomberg terminal and costs $2,000 a month to belong to. The other is a startup that began on Twitter, ripped itself from the platform, grew to 6 million monthly active users and is free. That one, of course, is Stocktwits, a financial social network and data service that’s leading a “data to the people” revolution for investors. Read more here

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