Users Abandon Pages When Served An App Install Interstitial – Google

The popularity of apps is ever increasing as the number of smartphone user continues swelling. Native apps provide better user experience, and can make user of a device’s features better than any browser can currently. It is for this reason that developers and brands believe they should encourage app installs.

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One of the most widely used methods of promoting app installs is with the use of interstitials – those screens prompting you to install the app when you visit certain websites on your smartphone.

According to an internal study, Google found that 9% of the visits to its interstitial page for Google+ resulted in the ‘Get App’ button being pressed. Great, but it should be noted that some users already had the app installed on their device and were only redirected.

The more alarming stat. 69% visits ended up abandoning the page, with users neither going to the app store nor continuing on the mobile site.

While 9% CTR is great for any campaign, the massive 69% loss in traffic due to the friction in experience is of far greater importance. In order to find a more seamless way of promoting app installs, Google ran a few experiments.

By using a Smart App Banner to promote apps in a less intrusive way, active users on the Google+ mobile website increased by 17%. Further, there was only a 2% drop in app installs on iOS – not counting Android devices such G+ mostly comes pre-installed.

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