Google starts pushing Google Apps via Airtelive

Wrote about this a few months back, and here is the update: Airtel has launched, a co-branded effort that will allow Google to distribute it’s Apps to Airtel broadband customers.

Airtel broadband customers will get access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and a customizable start page- i.e. iGoogle.

My first feel about the site- Airtel has surely sold it’s soul to Google. The site, except for Airtel header is completely taken over by iGoogle and hats off to Google team for getting the bigger pie.

Broadband partnership is quite an important piece in attracting users and Google certainly has scored an edge over it’s competitors.
Emerging markets is the next big bet for all the companies and Google is playing the card right by going beyond the geeky users. In few years from now, Gmail which is the third used email service will surely be very close to #1 rank.

Even though broadband penetration in India is in a pathetic state, Google + Airtel combination is deadly enough a reason for others to wake up (and smell the “G”offee!)

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