Google Bans An Entire Domain For Hosting Suspected Child Abuse Content

Google has taken a massive step in the fight against images of child sex abuse on the Internet. The company has banned imageboard site 8chan along with a warning for “suspected child abuse content”.

According to ARS Technica, searches containing terms such as 8chan, 8ch or only brought up related sites such as 8chan’s Twitter page. As for searching the domain directly, Google threw up the warning message.

The move comes soon after news of Google and several other Internet companies started using the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) database of known child sex abuse images. However, ARS says 8chan employs a similar method to filter images.

8chan’s founder took to Medium to confirm his findings and publicly asked why Google has singled out his site. “It seems to me like Google has abandoned the same policy we use, and a policy that U.S. hosted websites have held to for a very long time,” he said.

Image credit: ARS Technica

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