It’s My Birthday And Google Just Blew Me Away [Humanizing Big Data]

Alright ladies and gentlemen,

It’s my birthday today (thanks to those who have wished and also to those who haven’t).

Of all the birthday greetings I received, the one from Google just blew me away.

Here is how looks to me today.

Happy Birthday From Google
Happy Birthday From Google

Google has started to customize its logo (the Google doodle) for the logged in users, wishing them happy birthday (could be an old feature, but since my birthday occurs only once every year – noticed it today :D).

Humazing (BIG) Data

A lot of startups (during fund raising process) claim to be in the business of ‘data science’. The fundamental question is “Does it (the data science BS) show up in your product?”

Google has done a beautiful job of implementing (big) data focusing on instant gratification to the users; building a direct emotional connect.

And in the entire process, is a lot more cooler and useful brand than several other platforms.

Your take?

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