Google Announces Brillo, Its Internet Of Things Operating System

The Brillo developer preview will be out in Q3 2015. While the OS is built on Android, the company has hacked off all the unnecessary bits to make it run on low-power devices. Brillo will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a few other connectivity solutions. Apart from Brillo, Google also announced Weave, a language that allows IoT devices, smartphones and the cloud to communicate.

Google has announced Brillo, its operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, at its I/O 2015 developer conference held in San Francisco.


The developer preview for Brillo will come in Q3 of this year and while it’s derived from Android, Google has hacked off much of the OS to make it more bare bones.

For communication, the OS will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy and a few other networks that Android mobile OS supports, to keep everything compatible.

While Brillo is a huge part of Google’s IoT push, the company also Weave which is a common language that will allow devices running on Brillo, Android OS, and the Internet to talk to each other.

Google has already said that Nest devices will run on Weave, tying together the company so far seemingly disparate moves to make a dent in the home automation space.

For OEMs, Brillo and Weave will let them build IoT devices quickly without having to worry about software updates. Even if a manufacturer is utilizing another OS to run their devices, all they have to do is add a compatibility library to connect with Brillo devices over Weave.

For app developers, the prospects are huge, with them being able to take their services to the physical world more easily. Building one app to control multiple devices will become possible, while also leveraging on other Google services such as Voice.

For users, Brillo and Weave will ensure that all their connected devices will be able to talk to each other and work with their phone. Further, it enables automatic setup and sharing which reduces the learning curve and makes the whole process more seamless.

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