er! what’s the ‘buzz’ all about? really!

While Facebook and Twitter keep pervading the thinking of the masses, and keep people occupied on noticing the slightest twitches they do;  Google has been silently adding more tools into its buzz armory.  It recently added the ability to reshare a public buzz, and that about almost completes the full cycle.

So, who’s Buzz in competition with?

Is it Facebook? Buzz brings your gmail contacts into your circle. So, yes, maybe FB is a competitor. But being able to share pics and links is not all that social networks are about, right? Why would Google need another service when they already have one in Orkut?

Is Twitter the competition then? Being able to share thoughts with your followers. Hmm.. Maybe.. But one can do a lot more with Buzz, can’t they?

So let’s look closely at Buzz again. We’ll notice that it’s focus is clearly, only on expression.

  • Buzz provides a variety of tools for expression. You can write a 140-char buzz, or even a page-long essay; You can share pictures and videos; You can share links adding your own comments to it; People can comment on your expressions and you can respond back; the mantra being, the ability to express.
  • Buzz provides a single point from where all your expressions can be followed from.
  • Buzz doesn’t have the network chatter of social networks. No games, No apps.

Buzz is in uncharted territory. It has clearly bridged the gap between blogging and micro-blogging, and given the means to do both. No single platform comes to mind which allows me that. So if you see a number of bloggers and microbloggers move to buzz in the near future, you can quote us for our prediction. 🙂

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