Google Begins Cardboard VR Headset Certification Program


Google Begins Cardboard VR Headset Certification Program

Google cardboard has become a surprise hit among early adopters of VR, and the company is now taking the program to the next level.
Google Cardboard
The company has begun a certification program, which basically clone headsets with a “Works with Google Cardboard” sticker. All manufacturers have to do is follow certain guidelines and get a once over from the company.
Further, certified manufacturers will also get a tool to generate profiles that will be placed on the headset as a QR code which can be scanned by the user within the Google Cardboard app. The app will then adjust parameters set by the manufacturer, like focal length, inputs available, and the distance between each lens.
In less than a year since the launch of Google Cardboard, third party manufacturers are already pushing the boundaries of the platform. Clones have even started adding capacitive inputs and mounts for hand motion trackers, broadening the requirements of the software.
With Oculus and Sony all set to ship their VR headsets by the end of the year or early next year, it’s imperative that Google too make headway to stay in the game. While Cardboard is great, it’s still sort of a play thing, but as the move has indicated, Google wants to change that.

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