Useful Startup Resources: Comparison of Mobile Widget Vendors, Steve Ballmer Speech..and more

Starting a series of articles to share useful resources for startups.
Here is the first installment (light readings):

Steve Ballmer Talks at Stanford

Has some candid suggestion for startups. Watch the entire video.

Starting over – as an Entrepreneur

Story of five people, who were impacted because of recession, and are now pursuing their passion.

Mobile Widget platform vendors :: comparative analysis [pdf]

Compares Nokia Widsets, Nokia WRT Widsets, Opera Widgets, Access Widgets, Motoreal WebUI, Yahoo BluePrint, Sun Java ODP, SurfKitchen Widgets

Social Entrepreneurship Takes off

BusinessWeek has a special report on social entrepreneurship.

And some fun:

Watch this Google Chrome Ad (created by Google Japan team):

If you are in the know of useful resources like these, you can tweet me that or share them in the comment section.

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