Google Chrome Will Disallow Media From Autoplaying In Background Tabs

Google will soon roll out a new feature for Chrome that will disallow background tabs from autoplaying media, putting an end to the annoyance of having random audio playback while browsing.

While that might sound like a deal breaker for users who like playing music in background tabs, Google has already thought of that and the feature will still allow Chrome to play music in the background.

“This means no more “Where’s that sound coming from?” moments when an ad for instance decides to autoplay in a tab you’ve specifically opened in the background,” wrote François Beaufort, a Chromium evangelist.

While the new feature will undoubtedly save users from the annoyance of autoplay ads, it will also help the Chrome browser conserve power as the extra memory required to play media will only be used when a tab is foregrounded.

The update is being pushed out as part of the Chrome Dev channel, but it isn’t known when the feature will be available to regular Chrome users.

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