Google Slashes Cloud Platform Prices By Up To 30%; Intros Preemptible Instances

Google has cut prices for its Cloud Platform by up to 30% while also introducing a new class of instance that delivers short-term capacity for a very low, fixed cost.
Google Compute Engine Price ReductionsThe price cuts extend across all Compute Engine Instance types and will be rolled out across the US, Europe and Asian markets.
The company claims that its Cloud Platform is now 40% cheaper for many workloads, it does show that the company is all for competing with rivals Amazon and Microsoft.
Further, the new Preemptible VM is 70% cheaper than regular VMs as availability is subject to system supply and demand by running them on idle resources at Google’s data centres.
Google Cloud Platform Price Comparison
The new feature is similar to Amazon’s Spot Instances, however, Google’s pricing is fixed so users won’t have to worry about prices changing on them.

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