Google Launches Crisis Map for Flood Affected Uttarakhand

After launching a person finder to help people missing in Uttarakhand due to the floods, search giant Google has launched a crisis map for the flood affected region to provide quick information on the ground situation.

“This crisis map is only an early version aimed at providing quick information, such as, places affected, relief centers and road closures,” Google’s senior product manager Jayanth Mysore said in a blogpost.

Devastating floods in the northern part of the country have left over 50,000 people stranded. More than 500 people are feared dead due to the floods affecting Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Crisis Map for Uttarakhand
Crisis Map for Uttarakhand

Currently, the map provides information on areas impacted by the floods, relief centers and shelters, medical centers and road closure information.

Earlier this week, Google launched a person finder in Hindi and English to help find missing people in the region. The Uttarakhand person finder  is a web application with which people can post and search for status of people they care about.

Its encouraging to see that the person finder seems to be actually working even though Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are some of the regions with lowest Internet penetration in the country. The person finder has tracked about 2900 records so far. Not so big a number, but some help is better than no help at all. You can look for a person and track information about the person using your e-mail. Perhaps an SMS based search and information delivery system would work in these situations.

Missing Person Information on Google People Finder
Missing Person Information on Google People Finder

Click here for the crisis map.

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