Duplex! You better get gargled up for…

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

From the good, the gothic to the gross; a whole new swathe of ways can erupt to put to use the suave, nuanced and discreet Don Draper of a Voice-Assistant that Google has just pulled out of its hat.

  1. Kids can finally hear Santa Claus sussing out how
  2. good they were all year and making Christmas-listsShrinks or Suicide-helplines can use some AI help
  3. Kidnappers can sound different too
  4. Pre-date-talks on Tinder could cut a lot of chase and ache
  5. Better Hobbes mean more Calvins. Don’t roll those eyes, we all can use an imaginary friend we reluctantly dumped in our childhoods
  6. A more-stubborn aide for Drunk Dialling fiascos
  7. Couples can have spicier verbal-brawls without breaking too much cutlery

But there’s a long way to go. Nothing’s done until Duplex can nail a woman’s ‘I am fine’ and silent grunts well. Keep at it.

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