Maharashtra Government wants to censor Google Earth

Maharashtra government is mulling over a decision to censor Google Earth, post 26/11.

The state government is of course, concerned about the easily available images of sensitive locations like defense installations, government headquarters, legislature buildings, important places of worship, ports, docks across Mumbai (source).

This is no insane requirement, as Google Earth does blurs the images of sensitive defense locations in US – so why not follow similar guidelines for India (i.e. if Indian govt. has certain guidelines).

Earlier, a PIL was filed asking Google to remove India from Google Earth – banning doesn’t help, but censoring does. Most importantly, the issue should be taken nationally and not just statewide – more so because of upcoming launch of ISRO’s Bhuvan and similar security issues around the same.

ISRO Bhuvan – Final Details?

ISRO’s Bhuvan, competition to Google Earth plans to offer satellite imagery to 2.5 meter resolution and will too face similar hurdles over security.
ISRO has been talking about the project with no strict deadlines and specification (earlier they said Bhuvan will offer 10 m resolution and now 2.5m) – the prototype was supposed to be out by November 2008 and was later pushed to March 2009.

While ISRO decides on Bhuvan’s launch date and product specifications, do you think Google Earth should be censored? If not, why not?

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