Students Can Use Google Earth in Geography Exams!

Yesterday only, I introduced Google Earth to a class 5 student.

I downloaded the product and gave him basic instructions on how to use Google Earth. The dude, least to say was super excited with the interface and was amazed at the possibility of the new ‘geography’ tool.

Interestingly, the education ministry in Israel went a step ahead and has introduced Google Earth in the geography matriculation exams and has aggressive plans to use Google Earth in School labs.

The Education Ministry already partially computerized the high school geography final and its latest version includes a portion which require the use of Google Earth’s aerial and satellite footage. Incorporating Google Earth in the final allows students to use interactive maps, observe geological layers and computer animation. It allows students to ‘fly’ over the area and ‘land’ according to the test’s requirements – source

Of course, this applies to selected schools only, but don’t you think that technology like this can/should be introduced early in one’s life?

Maybe, Indian government should take a leaf out of this and instead of attempting to censore/ban Google Earth, they should think of better ways to use technology.

After all, the ‘Google Earth Killer, i.e. ISRO’s Bhuvan doesn’t seem to go anywhere [even after so many months of the product launch, downloading Bhuvan is a mammoth task!].

What’s your opinion? Do you think products like these bring out a more ‘curious’ individual (as compared to hi-tech games)?

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