Google Revamps Election Page; Now See Trending Politicians Via Google Score

Google has revamped its election page. The search giant had last unveiled a bi-lingual election page in November 2013.

The new version is the homepage for the ‘Pledge to Vote’ campaign launched by Google.

Information that users can receive from the revamped portal include,

  • A Google score tool for politicians

  • Infographics on search trends

  • Election playlists from YouTube that feature politicians’ Google Hangouts

pledge to vote

The revamped page will also feature a ‘Pledge to Vote’ map. The Pledge to Vote is a section Google had introduced recently in a renewed bid to be relevant during the election season. Users who pledge to vote have to give their reason for voting and also lets them view other users’ pledges.

google score

The Google Score Tool, is another interesting addition to the page. This displays the search trends for politicians with different scores depending on the amount of search and engagement levels. Powered by Google trends, this will also give information on the most searched regional parties, Chief Ministers etc.

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