Google Engineer Flags Off OnePlus’ USB Type-C Cable As Unsafe, Warns Nexus And Pixel Users

OnePlus’ $7 USB Type-C cable has been flagged off as ‘not safe for use’ with Google’s Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X by a Google Engineer.

Benson Leung says in a G+ post that the corners have been cut to achieve low price; he also adds that the cable does not have the correct identifier sensor— a component designed to inform devices what kind of cable they are connected to.

This means that the $7 OnePlus cable doesn’t fully adapt the USB Type-C specifications. The standard is still catching up adaption in the market, while Google and OnePlus have begun to roll-out the standard in their phones recently.


The cable could damage hubs, USB ports or phones by delivering an incorrect amount of voltage, leading to a fire, claims Leung.

“It should not be used with any device that supports quick charging functionality as these batteries are designed to draw progressively less current as they near full charge, creating the trickle effect after very rapidly charging to around 80%,” explains Leung

The “riskiest state” according to Leung is when a phone with a quick-charge feature is plugged for charge using a OnePlus cable. “The phone would request a high amount of current but the cable would not necessarily process it correctly, causing the charger to draw an incorrect amount of voltage. Both effects combined could damage all the connected devices”

However, the cable would run perfectly on a OnePlus device, since it doesn’t support fast-charging.


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