Facebook Has A Higher CTR for Premium Apparel Brands, Google Highest in Banking Assets

Premium apparel brands that rely on Facebook for advertising have 2.05 times Click Through Rates (CTR) than Google, says a report by Sokrati.

Even as Facebook and Google battle it out in India’s Rs 2,260 cr digital advertising market, a new report suggests that premium apparel brands that rely on Facebook for advertising have 2.05 times Click Through Rates (CTR) than Google.

Facebook also leads in CTR when it comes to shoes, bags and tech accessories with 1.93, 2.25, and 1.93 times more click through rates said the report released by Sokrati.

Sokrati is an Indian digital marketing and analytics company. The report is based on Sokrati’s analysis and comparison of CTRs of Google and Facebook to explore online shopping trends in premium brands.

sokrati infographic

According to the report, Google should be the choice for long-term investments like banking assets, liabilities, electronics, education and real estate. Real estate and banking liabilities had over 3 times more CTR through Google, while banking assets had over 6 times CTR. Facebook’s CTR for the same was lower than industry standard.

Premium products will also get higher impulse buying if they depend on Facebook. Facebook ads under categories like apparels, shoes, jewellery, bags and tech accessories saw better impulse buying and CTR.

sokrati table

India’s luxury market stands at $8.21 billion, and is set to grow to $14.7 billion in 2015. Apparel and accessories account for 14% of this market, and the luxury electronics segment has seen a 35% growth. Most international brands in India have therefore, decided to position themselves at the premium end of the market.[CCI]

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