News Roundup: Google, Facebook remove content on court order

Google, Facebook remove content on court order

A lower court in New Delhi told 22 social networking companies on Monday to put in writing the steps they had taken to block offensive content, and submit reports to the court within 15 days. It fixed the next date of hearing for March 1. The court in Rohini passed the order after the social networking Web sites asked for copies of CD’s which contained objectionable content and had been filed by the petitioner.

Facebook India on Monday filed its compliance report before the court. Google India also told the court that it has removed certain Web pages from the Internet on which objections were raised by the petitioners


Govt looks to PSUs for Aakash 2

The HRD ministry, which has developed prototype of Aakash, wants the public sector Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) to participate in the bid to supply Aakash 2 tablets from April this year.  What has prompted the government to look for public sector was inability shown by Datawind to supply Aakash 2 without cost escalation.

The new test specification proposed for Aakash 2 by Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan includes operation at -20 degrees, be water proof including heavy rains, and can with stand steep and sudden drops.

Our take: OLPC Founder’s Advice to Indian Government – “Make an inexpensive tablet, not a cheap one.”

IRCTC: SMS Can be Used as a Train Ticket

After announcing that Indian Railways will accept what it calls Virtual Reservation Message, which it defines as ‘a screen-shot of the e-ticket displayed through laptops/palmtops/ Mobile phone, IRCTC has now upped the ante and will now accept SMS equivalent to Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS).

So, please update your mobile number in IRCTC profile to receive SMS alerts for your ticket booking.

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