Google Fiber to Debut across Major Indian Railway Stations and Junctions

Google’s fiber internet service will soon setup Wi-Fi hotspots across key railway stations and junctions across the country.

The Indian Railways has undertaken an experimental project named ‘Project Nilgiri’ with Google. The first phase  of the project shall set up close to 400 Wi-Fi hotspots in stations across India for a span of 4 months.  

Users can freely access Wi-Fi, wherein the first 30 minutes of usage shall be at a high speeds which will later be reduced down.

Additionally, Google is working with Railtel, to introduce a pan-India optic fiber network covering 70 percent of the urban and rural railway tracks.

Telengana’s IT minister K T Ramarao has signed an agreement with Google for setting up a 7 acre campus facility in Hyderabad with an investment of Rs 1,000 crore which has the potential to create 6,000 new jobs.

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