Google Goggles: Use Pictures to Search the Web

Once again Google is in news. Looks like this Internet giant company is obsessed with featuring new services and products. As you may have read by now, Google has come up with real time search. Not many know, in fact the feature of real time search overshadowed the release of Google Goggles: the latest visual search technology.

As Google Goggles still in infancy stage, this application kept in Google labs: a testing ground for new Google projects. So what is Google goggles all about? A visual tool designed specifically for Android devices to search information on the smart phone for documents and information containing specified image.

All you have to do is open this smart application from your phone, just take a photo and rest Google will do. Google searches in its database and gathers information that related to specific photo. There is much more to cheer about with Google Goggles. For local business information you no need to take picture just point your mobile at a store, it will show the name.

Now Google Goggles can be used to identify the landmark and places, access contact information and details of book. But it fails to identify objects like cars, animals, plants and other objects as it is in experimental stage.

Here is a demonstration on how we can access information on book, business card, art work, landmark by taking picture.

If you want to try visual based search experience then visit Android market from your phone and search for “Google Goggles”.  What’s your take on this augmented reality technology? How better can we use Google Goggles?

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