Google calls its first Great Online Shopping Festival a “huge success,” more likely to come

Search giant Google on Wednesday said that its Great Online Shopping Festival was a “huge success” and called it the biggest online shopping event that India has witnessed in the history of eCommerce in the country.

Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Google India said that partners who were part of the festival saw massive increase in online traffic and some of them had already sold out their stocks by 3 pm.

This is the first time Google has done something like this in India. In May last year, Google announced Google Offers, a service for deals and offers in the United States.

While many on Twitter called the event a gimmick, sellers are seem to be very happy about the outcome. Going by the numbers they have shared so far, looks like it was a big day. said that it saw a 75 % increase in traffic and a 120 % jump in sales. Homeshop18’s Chief Operating Officer Narasimha Jayakumar said that till afternoon, they saw a 3x increase in sales and most of the electronics and lifestyle offers were sold out by 3 pm.

India times saw 40 % increase in unique traffic and of the total transactions, 70 % were new customers.

Snapdeal saw more than 50 % jump in traffic and is expecting record a jump in sales.

Pepperfry said it got 40 % increase in traffic and more than 25 % increase in items sold.

Some of the partners we spoke to also shared some big numbers about which we will talk about tomorrow. Sellers indicated that this could become a regular affair.

Makes us wonder if Google just showed them deal sites how to work up a deal frenzy? The deal space in India is hotting up with companies like Groupon, Timesdeal and Rocket Internet making aggressive bids for deal hunters.

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